what is corona (COVID-19)

corona with another name we know namely COVID-19 is a large virus. the diameter of this virus is 400-500 micro, so that any type of mask can prevent entry into our bodies and does not need to use expensive masks. Coronavirus does not float in the air, but sticks to objects, so that transmission is not through the air. when attached to a metal surface, the coronavirus can live for 12 hours. washing your hands with soap and water is enough. when attached to a cloth, coronavirus can live for 9 hours, so washing clothes or drying them in the sun for 2 hours is enough to kill it. when attached to the hand, the coronavirus can live for 10 minutes, thus providing an alcohol-based sterilizer just in case. when in the air at temperatures 26-27 ° C, the coronavirus will die so it does not live in hot areas. in addition, taking vitamin c-1000, vitamin e, 10:00 to 11:00 sunbathing for 15-20 minutes, one egg, enough rest/sleep min 7-8 hours, drink water at least 1.5 lt per day and every meal should drink warm, avoid food and cold drinks including ice cream is very important. gargling to the deep with warm water and salt will kill the coronavirus around the child ‘s throat and prevent it from entering the lungs. by following these instructions is enough to prevent the coronavirus

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the hallmark of this virus is clogging the respiratory tract with thick hardened mucus and blocking the respiratory tract and lungs. so before using the drug, it must first open the airway obstruction, so that treatment can function optimally. however, this all takes several days. their recommendations for self-care are: drink plenty of hot liquids (coffee, soup, tea, warm water). in addition, sipping a little warm water every 20 minutes, so that the oral cavity remains moist, and this also expels all viruses that have entered the mouth to the stomach, where it will be neutralized by the acid in the stomach, so it cannot reach the lungs. gargle with antiseptic ingredients in warm water, such as vinegar, salt or lemon. if you can do this every day. this virus sticks to hair and clothes. can be killed by detergent or soap, but you must immediately take a shower/shower after each return from the trip. don’t sit down yet but go straight to the bathroom. if you can’t wash your clothes every day, hang them to get sunlight, which will also neutralize the virus. wash all surfaces made of metal well, because the virus can last up to nine days there. be careful not to touch the handrails, door handles, etc. make sure at home things are kept clean, cleaned and wiped regularly. Do not smoke. wash your hands every 20 minutes with foamy soap. do this for 20 seconds and wash your hands thoroughly. eat fruits and vegetables. try increasing the amount of iron, not just vitamin c. animals do not spread this virus to humans. there is only transmission between humans. avoid catching a cold. this can weaken the immune system. avoid cold food or drinks. if you experience discomfort in your throat, or feel signs of a sore throat, be directly confronted with the methods above. This virus usually enters the body’s system through the mouth, and persists in the throat for 3 or 4 days before moving to the lungs.

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at least take a long vacation and isolate yourself, why? the explanation is this, when someone contacts with anything that can infect him with COVID-19, then it must be waited for at least 14 days, if nothing happens, then that person is safe. 14 days off to cut the chain of transmission, this will only work if everyone stays at home for 14 days, why? for example, a person starts off on March 16 for 14 days, he or she will go to school again on the 15th day. it turns out that this child and his family use the time off to travel, visit a group of people, or relatives, to the mall, etc., if he travels on the 10th day and contracted co-19 at the place he visited, maybe on the day 14/15 yet there are signs he is sick, but he has brought COVID-19 in his body and has the potential to transmit, if he goes to work / school on the 15th day and so on. then the 14 days off school, there is no point, the transmission also occurs at school, the domino effect will take place, the chain of transmission is not broken.

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for that, everyone must work together, all Indonesian citizens must help, citizens must be compact, that is obedient not to go anywhere in those 14 days except for the very necessary. 14 days, it is useful to monitor each other, if there are people who show symptoms suffering from co-19 attacks, can be treated immediately and transmission stops only on him, because he did not contact with other people in 14 days. So, let us isolate ourselves, for ourselves and others, maybe also on a large scale for humanity

Corona-free test every morning:

initially coronavirus infection may not show signs of infection. new clinical symptoms are seen between 7-28 days after infection. inexpensive, simple, and practical tests to recognize coronavirus infection in only 30 seconds without a visit to the doctor or laboratory examination is very necessary. You can do it yourself! consider the following methods: take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds! If after holding your breath you manage to exhale slowly without coughing, discomfort, fatigue, and stiffness in the chest, this proves that there is no fibrosis in your lungs, and it actually shows that there is no virus in your lungs! You also need to make sure your mouth and throat are moist and not dry! drink a few sips of warm water at least once every 30 minutes. if there is a coronavirus that has entered your mouth, warm water that you drink regularly can enter the stomach, where the acidity of the stomach will immediately kill the coronavirus! let’s not be spectators and tell all your friends, acquaintances, relatives that you know.

There is another way that might be a solution for this, the coronavirus can heal by itself with a bowl of freshly boiled garlic water, how to take eight (8) cloves of minced garlic, add seven (7) cups of water and bring to a boil. eat and drink boiled water from garlic. repaired and healed overnight …

good luck, take care of yourself, and please share this information, he said. I also heard similar information from other sources, and apparently this is credible advice that people can use to protect themselves. I hope the condition of the world will recover soon