Tips to Increase Your Life Expectancy

All people want to live longer and healthy. If you have the same intention, just follow the tips to increase your life expectancy below. Those tips keep you healthy. When you are healthy you have a longer life expectancy. 

Healthy Eating Habit 

Based on the research, people in Okinawa, Sardinia, Loma Linda, and Nicoya has a longer life expectancy. Most people there can live longer and healthy even in their elderly. One of the secrets is because they have a healthy eating habit. People in those areas often eat plant-based foods such as whole grains, greens, nuts, tubers, and beans. They still eat meat but not too often. They only drink water, herbal teas, coffee, and wine and don’t drink milk from a cow. 

Exercise Regularly 

You have to be active to keep your body healthy. Exercise is one of the ways to make your body active and it is one of the tips to increase your life expectancy. For a maximal result, you can do aerobic and workouts to strengthen your muscles. Just do the exercises at least twice a week. For the simpler option, you can keep active by walking or cleaning your living area.   

Sufficient Sleep  You also need to have sufficient high sleeping quality. At least, someone has to sleep around 8 hours a day. Sleeping tightly lets your organs get rest. You feel fresher and have enough energy to do your activity when you wake up. It is one of the simplest tips to increase your life expectancy. 

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