Things You Should Know About Healthy Eating

Some people are still getting confused about the term healthy eating. They think that eating healthy means that they can’t eat something that they like. Just check the information below for a better understanding before starting it. 

High Fiber Starchy Carbohydrate 

Healthy eating means that you have to fill up a third of your plate with starchy carbohydrates. Starchy carbohydrate ingredients include potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, and cereals. You can also eat wholewheat or brown rice because it contains fiber. 

Fruits and Vegetables

Indeed, healthy eating is always related to fruits and vegetables. You should eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the best options but you can still eat the frozen, canned, dried, or juiced. 


Instead of eating meat, you can change it with fish. It is because you will get enough protein, vitamins, and minerals from fish. You should eat at least 2 portions of fish per week. You may also consume oily fish because it is the source of Omega-3 fats that help to prevent heart disease.  Based on the information above, healthy eating is not as complicated as you can imagine. You just need to choose the right ingredients and portions. If you can practice it, you will be healthier than before and get a lot of benefits only from healthy eating.

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