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Moringa Plant Benefits for Health

Moringa or Merunggai (Moringa oleifera) is a type of plant from the Moringaceae tribe. This plant is known by other names such as: 1. Limaran 2. Ben-Oil (oil that can be extracted from the seeds) 3. Drumstick (a long, slim house shape) 4. Horseradish Tree (the root form of a similar horseradish plant) 5. Malunggay

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what is corona (COVID-19)

corona with another name we know namely COVID-19 is a small virus. the diameter of this virus reaches 125 nanometers or around 0.125 micro, so that any type of mask can prevent entry into our body and no need to use expensive masks. Coronavirus does not float in the air, but sticks to objects, so

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Simple Ways To Keep Away from CoronaVirus

Wash Your Hands  Your hands are the place for viruses and bacteria and some of them are dangerous. What you have to do is wash your hands frequently. It is better to wash hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub. The ingredients on the soap and alcohol-based hand rub can kill dangerous

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